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Hot and Cold

The deserts of our world range from the sand mountains of the Sahara to the crystal deserts of the poles. Comprising 20% of the earth, deserts fall into four types: hot and dry, semiarid, coastal and cold. All are fragile ecosystems, where life of any type struggles for survival. From one extreme to the other, our deserts serve as our planet’s “canary in the coalmine.” Their health and behavior – from the species they support to the areas they occupy -- speak to us about the direction of climate change and the environmental health of Planet Earth. Deserts also boast some of the most beautiful ice and landscapes imaginable. Strange that the term “other worldly” comes to mind when viewing the ice sculptures of the polar regions or the cinematic range of high altitude desertscapes. Our deserts are very much part of this world, and we must listen to what they have to say, while we enjoy their beauty, and contribute to their wellbeing.

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