Impressions of Iran

An “Axis of Evil” or a “Cradle of Civilization?”  Paradise or Purgatory?  Friend or foe? Part of the solution or creator of the problem?


No doubt all of the above, and more. A two-week visit offers only a glimpse into this dynamic and complex society, provoking more questions than answers.


Perhaps Iran is a metaphor for all of humanity, where faith is profound but can be corrupted. Where the universal values of family, community and spirituality dominate, but can be sapped by politics.   Where the search for truth and freedom of expression is dangerous but ardently pursued. Where traditional and modern values are locked in an unending struggle for balance nationally, but find harmony individually.  Where don’t these exist?


This is but a snapshot in time, Iran in March 2018. One thing is certain, it will continue to evolve.